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Q. Are licensed child care facilities allowed to operate under “Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected”? This document here from the Arizona Department of Health Services covers guidance for childcare centers operating in Arizona.

Furthermore, in Executive 2020-12 the Governor identified day care centers providing care for individuals serving in any essential services category as essential services themselves, and therefore able to remain open.

Q. What are Child Enrichment Centers and who’s eligible to attend? COVID-19 critical frontline personnel are defined in Executive Order 2020-12 and include employees that ensure the delivery of healthcare, public safety, human services and essential governmental operations, including child safety and adult protective services personnel.

The Governor’s Office partnered with the Arizona Departments of Education, Economic Security, Health Services and Administration as well as First Things First, the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family, the Government Transformation Office, local child care providers and nonprofit, education and faith-based organizations to offer child care for these personnel through Arizona Enrichment Centers.

Information on the Arizona Enrichment Centers can be found here:

Q. Are there additional child care opportunities available for essential personnel? Yes, YMCA have converted a number of their facilities into child care centers exclusively for government and other essential workers. They offer financial assistance and accept DES child care subsidies at a majority of the locations.

Here is a website with all of the details

They also offer an automatic 50% scholarship to all government employees.