Mayor Spotlight

Name, title & city/town: Darryl Dalley, Mayor, Town of Miami
Year elected to office: 2014
Years served as Mayor: 2 Years
Years served on Council: 8 Years
Hometown: Miami, Arizona

Town of Miami
Incorporated: 1918
Population: 1,837
Elevation: 3,411 ft.
County: Gila
Area within Limits: .903 sq. mi.

Why did you decide to serve in local government?
After being away from the town while serving in the Army and living overseas where I had no voice I saw Miami as a broke and disorganized town without much community pride.

What are the biggest challenges facing your town today?
The biggest challenges are getting the town organized to get out of debt and getting our $28 million dollar sewer project done.

What opportunities do you see for your community?
I see an opportunity in getting the community to understand how the town operates and more jobs as the mines are opening and expanding.

What are you most proud of during your time in office?
I am very proud of representing the town when I go to meetings outside my local area.

Why is the League important to cities and towns in Arizona?
It gives cities and towns an opportunity to listen to each other so we can see what others are doing to make their cities and towns flourish and what made issues and problems. The League provides a great place to network and combine resources to improve and help each other.

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Phoenix, AZ  85007
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