Mayor Spotlight

Name, title & city/town: Mary Nedrow, Mayor, Town of Springerville
Year elected to office: 2002
Years served as Mayor: 6 Years

Town of Springerville
Incorporated: 1948
Population: 1,961
Elevation: 6,968 ft.
County: Apache
Area within Limits: 13 sq. mi.

Why did you decide to serve in local government?
I have always taken an interest in local government and I'm very proud of the town in which I reside. Springerville is an older community with so much history and wonderful people. I wanted to see the town grow and bring more businesses to the area so our children can make a living for their families. There is a lot of potential in the area for growth and I wanted to be part of it. The Town of Springerville is called the "Gateway to the White Mountains" and home of John Wayne. I'm very excited over the improvements of our town from the Heritage Center to our Main Street make over. I feel the council, staff and town manager work hand in hand to bring tourism to the area to help our businesses and a better quality of life to our community.

What are the biggest challenges facing your town today?
Like any town in Arizona, it's always a challenge with budget cuts every year. It's very hard to make do with less, with more and more government regulations. Working within a budget that will never meet the needs of the community is trying, but when you have a great town manager and staff that go above and beyond to find grants and other means to improve our community, it can work.

What opportunities do you see for your community?
Our hidden valley is an asset not everyone has discovered. There is such a rich history that I believe we have not even tapped into yet. The area is not just for summer recreation but we abound with a lot of winter activities also. I feel as we continue to market our wonderful assets the more we will become the jewel of the White Mountains, as well as a place to be for those that want a better quality of living.

What are you most proud of during your time in office?
Actually, it's the staff that runs the town day in and day out. Our police department does a lot to keep our community safe and free from gangs and major crime, due partially to our council's demand of excellence. I'm proud of our town manager and his staff, that the council and I have had a hand in hiring. We have the best of the best, and I feel they are the greatest asset and they put the community first at all times. I'm also proud of developing an open government for the public I serve, so transparency is the norm. I feel your town will grow when you have a strong leadership team with all the staff and the community we serve.

Why is the League important to cities and towns in Arizona?
The League is our first choice as a go-to agency for government action and any questions we may have relating to legislation, law, legal, economics, and may other areas. They bond together the communities of the area and state to have a single voice in the making of laws that affect all of us. They are fantastic at reducing liability that may affect our community for years.

League of Arizona Cities and Towns
1820 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ  85007
Phone: 602-258-5786
Fax: 602-253-3874

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