The City of Phoenix would like to introduce you to procurePHX! Formerly known as eProcurement, the city's electronic procurement system is now in its next phase. Gone are the days of businesses trying to figure out what services the city needs and searching for projects to bid on.

With procurePHX, local and national companies now have a more efficient way of discovering the opportunities the city of Phoenix has to offer. procurePHX is a win for both residents and businesses because putting all businesses on a level-playing field will ensure the city pays the most reasonable rate for goods and services. It will also provide a better checks and balances system when it comes to paying vendors. The system also requires city purchasing staff to use uniform procedures, allowing for better analysis of spending and trends which the city hopes will result in savings.

"With procurePHX, the process is streamlined. The city can be more efficient and strategic about what we buy and what we pay," said Denise Olson, Chief Finance Officer for the city of Phoenix.

For more information, visit the procurePHX website.

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