Revised Indemnification Provisions in ADOT Agreements

After extensive negotiations with ADOT, the League and the Arizona Municipal Risk Retention Pool (AMRRP) have been successful in revising the indemnification provisions in ADOT agreements. This topic was the subject of proposed legislation in the 2015 legislative session and has been discussed in a number of meetings.

If you would like a copy of the new language, you can contact Ed Bantel at SW Risk Services,, or Ken Strobeck at the League, ADOT should be using the new language now, so if you have agreements that are in the process of being approved, it is recommended that you hold off on them until they can be revised with the new language.

This breakthrough is seen as a major accomplishment, and is one result of the unique arrangement between the League and AMRRP. We thank ADOT for their cooperation and we look forward to many successful projects in the future.

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