AZ Cities @ Work Introduces Streets Video

Have you ever thought about what goes into constructing and maintaining city and town streets?

There's much more than meets the eye - sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, parking, bike lanes, water and sewer lines, storm drain systems, repair and cleaning are all part of what it takes to maintain city and town streets.

To help your city or town residents understand what goes into city streets, AZ Cities @ Work has introduced a new video to its library. More than Meets the Eye is a short and fun video primer on the process of planning, budgeting, building and maintaining city or town streets so that residents can get to school, work and home safely every day!

Put a link to this video on your city or town website or in your electronic newsletters, share it via your social media accounts, or play it on your public access channels and at community meetings.

To see the video, point your browser here.

To view all of the AZ Cities @ Work videos, visit the video library.

For questions regarding AZ Cities @ Work or using the video in your city or town, please contact Samantha Womer at or 602-258-5786.

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