League Welcomes Patrice Kraus as New Legislative Director

Please join the League in welcoming our new legislative director Patrice Kraus! Patrice will officially start in early December.

Where were you born and where did you go to school?
I was born in Iowa. My first two years of college were at the University of Iowa but I finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Arizona State University.

What were some of your recent positions before joining the League?
I have spent the last 21 years as the Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator for the City of Chandler. Prior to that I worked at the State Senate.

What do you see as the primary duties of the legislative director for the League?
I believe the primary duty of the legislative director is to provide information to legislators about how cities and towns actually work and to explain why we do things the way we do them. Municipal government and state government have completely different responsibilities and educating legislators on these differences will hopefully help them make more informed decisions when contemplating legislation that impacts municipalities.

To be successful, the legislative staff at the League will need the help of local elected officials, municipal intergovs and other city staff members to communicate our message. Part of my job will be to develop this team of municipal experts and to engage them in the process at the right time and in the right way.

What are some of your goals for the upcoming legislative session?
My goal is for the League to be influential in the development of public policy in Arizona.

Do you have any other thoughts that you would like to share?
Only that I am excited to have this opportunity and that I will do the best job I can to represent the members of the League. My dad was the mayor of the small town I grew up in so I understand just how important cities and towns are to the quality of life of their residents.

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