2016 Adopted Resolutions

We are pleased to present the 2016 Resolutions as adopted at the League Conference in August. These resolutions form the basis for our Municipal Policy statement and our legislative agenda for the coming session and can be found here.

The resolutions process was altered in 2015 to allow for more in-depth research and greater involvement by local elected officials and staff in developing the League's Municipal Policy statement. Five separate policy committees were created to thoroughly vet the issues. Each of these committees is chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, and is comprised of both officials and municipal staff. The submitted ideas were discussed and processed by the policy committees and actual resolutions were crafted and submitted to the full Resolutions Committee, which met at the Annual Conference in August.

The policy committees are:

  • Budget, Finance and Economic Development
  • General Administration, Human Resources and Elections
  • Neighborhoods, Quality of Life and Sustainability
  • Public Safety, Military Affairs and Courts
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works
The policy committees will continue to meet throughout the year to discuss new ideas and possible resolutions for next year.

The General Administration, Human Resources and Elections Policy Committee, chaired by El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook, will be held on Thursday, October 29.

If you are a city/town elected official or staff member and wish to participate in this committee or express interest in other committees, please contact League Staff.

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