Mayor Spotlight: Martin Porchas, Mayor, City of Somerton

Name, title & city/town:
Martin Porchas, Mayor, City of Somerton
Year elected to office: 2005
Years served as mayor: 5
Hometown: Somerton, Arizona

City of Somerton
Incorporated: 1918
Population: 14,287
Elevation: 103 ft.
County: Yuma
Area within Limits: 5 sq. mi.

Why did you decide to serve in local government?
I decided to serve in local government as a way to give back to my community.

What are the biggest challenges facing your town today?
Our biggest challenges are maintaining streets and keeping our rate affordable to our residents.

What opportunities do you see for your community?
In our community, I see opportunities for establishing small family businesses and creating a safe community to raise families.

What are you most proud of during your time in office?
I am proud of helping to bring about beautification projects, including the reconstruction of some of our old streets. I am also proud of bringing in new services, like recycling and animal control, and maintaining good customer service.

Why is the League important to cities and towns in Arizona?
The League is important because it provides valuable resources and keeps constant communication with our Legislature.

League of Arizona Cities and Towns
1820 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ  85007
Phone: 602-258-5786
Fax: 602-253-3874

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