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NLC President Marie Lopez Rogers

This new section of the newsletter will include updates from National League of Cities President and Avondale Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers as she works in Washington D.C. and travels the U.S. promoting municipal issues. The article links below will feature monthly highlights and updates.

Metropolitan Leadership Forum held in Phoenix
In February the National League of Cities and the Building Resilient Regions held a Metropolitan Leadership Forum in Phoenix. The Forum focused on cultivating discussion among the leaders present that would lead to specific actions in the fields of planning, partnership, leadership and citizen engagement to help build more sustainable and resilient communities. If you were not able to attend, please see the link below to view the document, which summarized the forum. The document identifies some key opportunities for action that can be helpful in achieving community goals.

To access the webpage for the full 4-page summary, please click the link.

NLC will prepare a more detailed research report looking at specific examples in Arizona that demonstrate some of the important leadership roles for building sustainable and resilient communities. That report will be available later in 2013.

Questions about this forum summary may be directed to the author at the contact information listed below.

James A. Brooks, NLC Program Director
Twitter: @JamesABrooks

NLC Congress of Cities: Call for Topics

NLC is requesting input on topics for workshops and other programming at this year's Congress of Cities and Exposition being held in Seattle, Washington, November 12-16, 2013. Please click here to complete the short survey.

Those who participate will be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini. The survey will close on May 3 and NLC will announce the winner on May 6.

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