C-SPAN Cities Tour Gives Mesa History, Growth a National Audience

For the first time, a Southwest city will air on C-SPAN's 2013 Cities Tour. The city of Mesa was the ideal destination for the show that will show its unique history. The program will also feature in interview with Mesa Mayor Scott Smith. The Cities Tour spent a week in Mesa, using specialized vehicles called "Local Content Vehicles" to go around the city conducting interviews of local leaders, nonfiction authors and historians. Other areas will be highlighted such as the Alston House, where Mesa's first African American doctor lived, Mesa Grande ruins and the impact of Major League Baseball.

The team then produces six-to-seven videos on the authors and another six-to-seven segments on the history. They will be shown on C-SPAN 2's "Book TV" and C-SPAN 3's "History TV," respectively. The segments will air this month, after which they'll be online on C-SPAN's website where visitors can view the entire series. To read more in the East Valley Tribune, click here.

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