Health Plans for Arizona Cities and Towns (HPACT) Offers a Wide Array of Voluntary Benefits

In today's environment of increasing economic and budget challenges, sometimes thinking "outside the box" is required to stay competitive. That is why the Health Plan for Arizona Cities and Towns (HPACT) was formed that allows cities and towns to group purchase benefits on an "a la carte" basis. Municipalities can compare prices and services with their current carriers, many of which offer group discounts to HPACT, and choose those they wish to use through HPACT. HPACT membership is free and a great new option for governments to save money.

In addition to the traditional benefits such as healthcare, dental coverage and basic employer-paid life insurance, HPACT also offers a broad new array of "voluntary benefits." Voluntary benefits are offered by the employer at no cost to the employer. The employee pays the cost of the benefit. This is a great way for a city or town to offer additional savings and options to their employees without adversely affecting their budget. The employees get the chance to get guaranteed issue, lower cost group coverage with better benefits. It is a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

The voluntary benefits offered have already been negotiated and contracted for through HPACT. As a municipality, you simply choose from the menu of which services you wish to provide your employees and their dependents. HPACT insures that each provider is of the highest quality and the coverage is the best at the lowest price, or they do not contract with them.

The available options include: 1) Aflac critical illness insurance; 2) Aflac accident and injury insurance; 3) ING basic and voluntary life insurance; 4) Hyatt pre-paid legal coverage; 5) Delta Dental voluntary supplemental dental insurance; 6) Total Dental Administrators (TDA) voluntary pre-paid dental insurance; 7) WellCard health discount program - free to both employer and employee; 8) VSP Vision Care program; 9) Assurant Short Term Disability; and 10) FSA, FMLA and COBRA administration and risk removal by BASIC Western USA.

You can check out the great benefits and prices by calling Sheri Gilbert at 623-594-4370. Again, membership in HPACT is free, and quotes are free. HPACT is administered by Valley Schools which has provided professional trust and pool administration and group purchasing of insurance for Arizona Governments since 1986.


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