Executive Committee Spotlight: Mayor Daryl Seymore, City of Show Low

Name, title & city/town:
Daryl Seymore, Mayor, City of Show Low
Year elected to office: 2004
Years served as mayor: 2 years
Years Served on Executive Committee: New member of the Executive Committee as of August 2014
Hometown: Show Low, Arizona

City of Show Low
Incorporated: 1953
Population: 10,660
Elevation: 6,331 ft.
County: Navajo
Area within Limits: 65 sq. mi.

Why did you decide to serve in local government?
I was raised in Show Low and moved away for about ten years before returning home. While living away, I worked in several communities and saw their challenges and how they dealt with them firsthand. After returning to Show Low, I wanted to give back to the community and share what I had learned.

What are the biggest challenges facing your city today?
The biggest challenges we face include providing high-quality, good-paying jobs while at the same time developing a skilled workforce to fill these jobs, finding ways to encourage our youth to remain here rather than being lured by the attractions of city life, balancing our citizens' wishes within the constraints of our budget, and revitalizing our commercial areas and subdivisions that were built during boom times to keep a "fresh" look to our city.

What opportunities do you see for your community?
One opportunity that is the flip side of a challenge I mentioned above is finding creative ways to attract new businesses and a quality workforce. Show Low boasts the amenities found in many larger cities, and we balance that with a friendly, hometown atmosphere. We want to continue sharing with other Arizonans that Show Low is a destination that provides a superior quality of life and an enviable four-season climate. We are being discovered as a great "stay-cation" for our in-state travelers.

What are you most proud of during your time in office?
I am proud of the role I played in helping to create a vital civic center in the heart of our downtown, with the construction of a new library and council chambers, acquiring an existing building and renovating it into our city hall, and developing a beautiful streetscape along our main street (the Deuce of Clubs). Given our long history of fiscal conservatism, we have remained financially robust and have managed to sustain ourselves through the Great Recession. Our city's fiscal policies have allowed us to acquire three private water companies (making the city the water purveyor for nearly 100% of our customers), plan for and fund a major portion of a multimillion-dollar wastewater treatment plant upgrade, and begin setting money aside for a future water treatment plant (the city owns Show Low Lake). Our council members enjoy an excellent working relationship among ourselves and with our city staff, who are proficient, professional, and dedicated to public service.

Why is the League important to cities and towns in Arizona?
The League plays a critical role in protecting and preserving the rights of cities and towns in Arizona. In addition, the League maintains our local voice by serving as our in-person liaison with our lawmakers at the state level.

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