League's New Policy Committees

In May, the League Executive Committee approved a change in the annual resolutions process. The new system will allow for more in-depth research and greater involvement by elected officials and staff in developing the League's Municipal Policy Statement.

The new process will include five separate committees that will more thoroughly vet issues that come to light. These policy committees will be chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, and will consist of elected officials and municipal staff. At times, other stakeholders may be invited to participate to provide needed expertise and perspective.

Tempe Mayor and League of Arizona Cities and Towns President Mark Mitchell appointed these five Executive Committee members to serve as chairs for these Policy Committees:

Budget, Finance and Economic Development
Mayor Kenny Evans of Payson

General Administration, Human Resources and Elections
Mayor Lana Mook of El Mirage

Neighborhoods, Quality of Life and Sustainability
Councilmember Gilbert Lopez of Coolidge

Public Safety, Military Affairs and Courts
Mayor Jerry Weiers of Glendale

Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild of Tucson

"These municipal leaders will be essential in setting the League's legislative priorities," said League President and Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. "I appreciate their willingness to serve and am confident their leadership will bring forth the types of proposals that will ensure success not only for the League but for the State of Arizona."

In this new process, cities and towns will be able to submit policy ideas to the League at any time during the year and do not need to have a co-sponsoring city or town. If your city or town wishes to submit an idea for consideration, you can send it with a brief yet thorough explanation to resolutions@azleague.org. You do not need to create a full resolution as you did in the past. However, you may be consulted to provide more information on the idea and also may be invited to speak to the issue at one of the policy committee meetings. As in past years, Resolutions will be debated for final passage at the League's Annual Conference.

We are inviting you as elected officials and municipal staff to volunteer to participate in these committees. If you are interested, please submit your name, title and committee of interest to resolutions@azleague.org. We expect these committees to meet a few times a year. We are including a general schedule of meeting dates in this correspondence. The actual committee membership and meeting schedule will be set by the committee chairs. Since we are just initiating this process, the first set of meetings will occur as soon as practical. In the future we expect committee work to be conducted year round as needed.

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