2014 Cities and Towns Week Recap

Thank you to all of the municipalities that celebrated our cities and towns last week! This week is set aside each year to recognize the services that cities and towns provide, as well as to honor those who serve at all levels of municipal government. Cities & Towns Week was held October 19-25, and many cities held events or issued proclamations to celebrate.

To bring light to the 13th Annual Cities & Towns Week, the League put together an online toolkit of resources for cities and towns to get information and ideas for celebrating the week in their local community. The toolkit will continue to be available for cities and towns to take advantage of the materials and promote their city or town throughout the year.

To view the full AZ Cities & Towns Week online toolkit, click here.

The League created signature Cities & Towns Week posters, which were sent to each of the cities and towns in Arizona. These commemorative posters were placed in city halls, libraries, recreation centers and other community buildings throughout the state.

The League also hosted a variety of social media contests to get the general public interested in Cities & Towns Week. Many citizens participated in these contests, sending in photos, videos and telling the League the things they loved most about their city or town.

If you participated in Arizona Cities & Towns Week and have photos or stories, please let us know! We would love to hear about the ways you are continually promoting cities and towns.

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