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Legislative Overview

Today is the 82nd day of session. Almost all activity was on the floor this week, as only a few committees heard executive nominations or had presentations. Both chambers are clearing as many bills as possible and transferring them back to the house of origin or to the governor's office. This pattern is usually a portent to the budget deliberation process.

To date 106 bills have passed, with 89 signed, and one vetoed, the cursive writing mandate.


SB1449, prohibited operations; unmanned aircraft passed the House by a vote of 57-0 this week. Sponsored by Senator John Kavanagh (R - Fountain Hills) the bill sets forth various regulations on unmanned aircraft, or "drones." The bill was amended in House Judiciary by the chair of that committee, Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R- Gilbert) to remove many of the delineations of federal and state law and simply refer to current statute. There was also a floor amendment in the House that clarified the ability of cities and towns to regulate drones in parks or preserves. The measure does have penalties for inappropriate use of drones. The bill now returns to the Senate where the sponsor is expected to concur with the House changes, and then the bill will go to a Final Read in the Senate.

Online Home-Sharing

SB1350, online homesharing administration; definitions, allows for a city, town, or other taxing jurisdiction to levy a transaction privilege, sales, use or similar tax/fee on the business of operating a online lodging marketplace such as Airbnb. The bill also prohibits municipalities from banning this type of short-term housing rental; it is sponsored by Senator Debbie Lesko (R - Peoria). The League is continuing to engage in negotiations with the proponents in order to reach a reasonable compromise on these issues, therefore the League is officially neutral. The League has made significant progress toward ensuring cities and towns will still have the tools necessary to control undesirable activities such as noise and nuisance violations, and we are rapidly approaching an equitable tax treatment solution. The sponsor continues to hold the bill off the Rules committee agenda as work continues on the final language.

Legislative Bill Monitoring

(All bills being actively monitored by the League can be found here.)

SB1449: S/E prohibited operations; unmanned aircraft

SB1350: S/E online homesharing; administration; definitions

SB1248: S/E pet store operators; dealers; regulations

HB2497: S/E equipment; permits; local governments

HB2391: municipalities; water rates; requirements

HB2538: municipal bonds; tax levy

SB1524: regulatory actions; limitations

HB2384: S/E: urbanized areas; incorporation

HB2076: annexation; single property owner; exception
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Issue 12 - April 1, 2016
Issue 12 - April 1, 2016
Issue 12 - April 1, 2016
Issue 12 - April 1, 2016
Issue 12 - April 1, 2016
Issue 12 - April 1, 2016