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Legislative Overview

Unfortunately, the prediction made in last week's Bulletin did not come to fruition as the legislature closed another week of activity without adjourning sine die. By rule, Tuesday, April 22, will mark the 100th day of session. With the budget on the books, excluding future budgetary issues associated with the Governor's new child welfare agency, both chambers have begun transmitting bills to the Governor. As of Friday morning, of the 191 bills have been sent to the Governor 100 have been signed and four have been vetoed.

State Parks Funding

SB 1326 (state parks; donations; fund; transportation) passed both the House and Senate final votes by overwhelming majorities this week. Sponsored by Senator Don Shooter (R-Yuma), the bill as amended allows for individuals to voluntarily remit a portion of their tax return to fund state parks, and to allow anyone filing individual income taxes to contribute to the state parks fund. The fund is to be used for maintenance and operation of state parks. The bill now awaits the Governor's action.

Graffiti Abatement

HB 2571 (criminal damages; economic costs) passed the Senate Committee of the Whole on Thursday. Sponsored by Representative Juan Carlos Escamilla (D-San Luis) the measure allows for victims of criminal damage, especially graffiti, to recover full economic costs for the abatement of the damage from the perpetrator. The bill is the product of a League Resolution, and now proceeds to Senate Third Read.


Both HB 2339 (firearms; permit holders; public places) and HB 2517 (firearms; state preemption; penalties) narrowly passed the Senate this week, were transmitted to the House and subsequently sent to the Governor's office. HB 2339 requires public buildings and establishments to have electronic screening equipment and security personnel at entrances if the public entity wants to deny access to concealed weapon permit holders from entering with their weapons. The League opposed this bill as it will add costs to local budgets and is an infringement on local authority.

HB 2517 ascribes various penalties to political subdivisions if they enact ordinances or regulations that violate the state preemption on firearms. The League also opposed this bill as it denies the defense of good faith and advice of counsel and provides for the removal from office for an offense and monetary damages to aggrieved individuals or their membership organizations.

Pension Eligibility

This week HB 2050 (ASRS membership; section 218 requirements) passed Senate Third Read and House Final Read on unanimous votes and was transmitted to the Governor on Tuesday. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Phil Lovas (R-Peoria) decouples the Arizona State Retirement System's (ASRS) eligibility requirements from the state's Section 218 agreement with the Social Security Administration. This change will finally put to rest the question of the pension eligibility of certain public safety employees, at least in regards to new hires. The bill was signed by the Governor on Wednesday and is awaiting a chapter number. The League would like to thank Rep. Lovas, Rep. Bob Robson (R-Chandler), ASRS, legislative staff and the other numerous stakeholders for their extensive work on this issue.

Public Records

The Senate passed HB 2414 (NOW: public records; burdensome requests) out of Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, with the Appropriations Committee amendment. The strike-everything amendment was further amended to provide that when denying a public records request it is a defense that the request was unduly burdensome or harassing and additionally provide a definition of what may make a public records request unduly burdensome. The language regarding the defense reflects what had been worked out between the League and representatives from the newspaper association. The League has serious concerns about the definitions provided in the bill, but has been assured that the objectionable language will be removed in a Conference Committee. If the language is restored to just provide a defense, the League will be in support of the measure.

Other Bills of Note

(All bills being actively monitored by the League can be found here.)

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Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014
Issue 15 - April 18, 2014