Issue 10 - March 14, 2014

Legislative Overview

This past week was relatively calm compared to what we expect to face over the next couple of weeks. Next Friday, March 21, is the deadline established by rule to hear bills in committee, excluding the Appropriations committees. Committee agendas in both chambers are loaded with bills for consideration and at least one committee is planning to hold two hearings in order to complete their business.

State Parks Funding

SB 1326 (state parks; donations; fund; transportation) unanimously passed the Senate Third Read this week. Sponsored by Senator Don Shooter (R-Yuma) the bill allows for a voluntary contribution at the time of vehicle registration to the newly created Sustainable State Parks and Roads Fund. The amount of the contribution will be determined by the State Parks Board. The money will go to fund parks' projects and an administration fee of 15% goes to the Department of Transportation. The League supports the measure, which was transmitted to the House.


On March 12, three bills related to firearms saw floor activity, with two passing and one (at least temporarily) failing.

HB 2339 (firearms; permit holders; public places) passed the House by a vote of 34-22. The measure requires public establishments, including municipal buildings, to install electronic screening devices and security personnel at each entrance in order to deny access to such structures for those who possess concealed weapon permits. The bill is sponsored by Representative Brenda Barton (R-Payson).

HB 2517 (firearms; state preemption; penalties) passed by the same margin. This bill sets up a variety of penalties for political subdivisions found to be in violation of the state preemption on firearms regulation. HB 2517 is sponsored by Rep. Steve Smith (R-Maricopa). Both this measure and HB 2339 were transmitted to the Senate.

SB 1063 (misconduct involving weapons; firearm storage) failed in the Senate by a vote of 14-14. Sponsored by Sen. Rick Murphy (R-Peoria), the bill states that a person is not guilty of misconduct involving weapons if he or she enters a public establishment or event that is not "in full compliance" with current state law on storage of weapons at public establishment access points. However, the bill was successfully moved for reconsideration, which means that it will come up for another vote in the near future.

Other Bills of Note

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