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Legislative Overview

Thursday saw the legislature restored to a full roster of 90 legislators as Demion Clinco (D-Tucson) was sworn in as a representative for Legislative District 2, filling the vacancy created by Senator Andrea Dalessandro's (D-Green Valley) appointment to the Senate. The senate seat became available when Senator Linda Lopez (D-Tucson) resigned to focus on her new job. LD 2 includes the municipalities of Nogales, Patagonia, Sahuarita, South Tucson and Tucson. Rep. Clinco has been assigned to the Financial Institutions and Government committees.

On Monday, Senator Yarbrough (R-Chandler) introduced SB 1413 (taxes; manufacturers' electricity sales; exemption). The bill exempts the electricity used in manufacturing and smelting from state and local utility taxes. The League is working to ascertain the impact the legislation would have on local tax revenues as well as state-shared sales tax.

The deadline to introduce legislation in the Senate was this past Monday, at 5:00pm. There were a total of 483 Senate bills and 42 Senate memorials and resolutions introduced this year, which is 10 fewer bills and 15 fewer memorials and resolutions than last year, excluding bills introduced during the special session. This upcoming Monday, February 10, at 5:00 pm is the deadline to introduce legislation in the House.

As of this morning, a total of 1096 bills and 91 memorials and resolutions have been introduced in both chambers. The League is currently tracking and monitoring 250 pieces of legislation for their potential impacts to cities and towns.

Exercise of Religion

The House Government Committee passed HB 2153 (exercise of religion; state action) on Tuesday by a vote of 5-2. The bill expands the definition for the purposes of expressing religion to include individuals, associations, partnerships, corporations, churches, and other business organizations. The measure also allows a person to seek relief through a judicial proceeding for the alleged infringement of their religious beliefs, regardless of whether the government is a party to the proceeding. The bill was significantly amended in committee to include that a person alleging a violation of their religion must establish that their actions are motivated by a sincerely held religious belief and that the state action substantially burdened their exercise of those beliefs. The amendment also clarified that certain current requirements in law (A.R.S. § 41-1493.04) continue to apply. The League signed in neutral and is further analyzing the amendment to verify that it fully addresses our concerns. The bill now goes on to the Rules Committee.

Other Bills of Note

(All bills being actively monitored by the League can be found here.)

Bill Number - Short Title - Subject(s)
HB 2114: ADOT; land acquisition; conveyances; relocation - transportation

HB 2120: motor vehicle sales - transportation

HB 2361: workers' compensation; provider payments; limitations - personnel

HB 2505: leaving accident scene; alcohol; penalty - criminal justice
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Issue 5 - February 7, 2014
Issue 5 - February 7, 2014
Issue 5 - February 7, 2014
Issue 5 - February 7, 2014
Issue 5 - February 7, 2014